“Just Be” is the first EP of duo Flien&Gezz. Flien&Gezz are a musical duo interested in creating music in silence to find inner peace. Flien&Gezz performances are live improvisations. Trying to connect more often with the wisdom within, to leave everything be because that’s the way to Just Be. Soft and gentle, based around Flien’s beautiful voice surrounded by gorgeous sounding analog synthesizers, sounds of nature, tanpura and singing bowls.

  1. Be Love Flien&Gezz 0:30
  2. Be Joy Flien&Gezz 0:30
  3. Be Peace Flien&Gezz 0:30
  4. Be the one you are Flien&Gezz 0:30

Credits >> Vocals: E.Lagrouw. Componist: G.Havinga. Mix & Master door: Sonar Studios.